Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beautiful Experiences

^^ Hello everyone,

I do hope that you are all very well. I am very sorry for my very long absence. I do hope this is alright that I write a little post this evening regarding a number of little thoughts who have visited as of late.

I must say I feel that I have enjoyed a very beautiful life. Although I may be considered as rather young as a human, I feel that my life thus far has been very long and filled with many wonderful experiences. Indeed, I believe that each day and moment is very beautiful and these shall in some sense live forever in that instance as time is subjective.

^^ Recently, I remember a lovely French lady with whom I met to discuss applying to the university at which she works. Further within the past, I remember my Grandfather, with whom I would very much enjoy discussing his past.

In addition, I also enjoy revisiting all of the lovely times that I have spent with Nell and Plato (my kitties) and my family and my friends (the latter of which includes the former two). This may include simply sitting within a room and reading or listening to the sounds of tree of life whilst within their company and sharing the beauty of our coexistence.

^^ I am very sorry if I have written a silly post. ^^ I believe this shall be very lovely if you wish to share some experiences below also.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


^^ Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. I must first state that I am indeed very sorry as I believe I do not possess very many philosophical thought friends this day. However, I feel very evil for not creating little posts very often and perhaps wondered if this may be alrighty if I create posts from other worlds. I do enjoy viewing films created by Hoomins (humans) and would very much enjoy speaking of these I believe. Additionally, I believe that typing my thoughts prevents my head from collapsing.

^^ I must say that I have happily recently visited a cinema to view the film named Avatar and believed this to be so very magical. My self was transported to this "reality" and when the film stopped I felt that I had woken from sleep, perhaps in a very similar manner to character Jake Sully as he awakens from his avatar. I believe I was so very amazed by the details of this happy world - the language of the Na'Vi, all individuals of differing species and so many others. I do believe that I enjoy many films however I perhaps believe the Avatar is now my favourite film.

After I viewed the film I read a small number of reviews. I do find reviews very interesting. I read a review that stated that the poor film was "flawed". I find such statements interesting as how may this hoomin decide what is perfect? ^^ At least the may perhaps state was is perfect within their own minds. After all, I am not them and they are not me.

In particular, I find the term "overrated" (or also underrated) very interesting as I do not believe there is defined standard for a rating of each film, only opinion. (^^This too is but my opinion of course).

^^ I apologise very much for my short entry friend today.


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Time, the Physical World and Experiences as Books

^^ Greetings everyone,

I do hope you are all very well. As of late I do enjoy considering my experiences and the idea of myself. I may have explained in a happy previous post that I consider the consciousness and self somewhat seperate from the body, although very much attached as in in a symbiotic relationship. I believe a happy little analogy is that of a human controlling a space probe from a distant planet. The human very much relies on the little probe to inform him of the physical surroundings present upon the distant planet. I believe this is certainly how I view the relationship between the consciousness and the body, however I do believe also that the body provides additional matters such as feelings (perhaps with what are often considered as hormones or other friends) and other matters.

^^ Therefore, I have often been considering how an individual views the physical world and their own experiences and also how this may relate to time. Initially, I do believe I was very confused considering the idea of time as a fourth dimension, however I now believe this is a very happy analogy. I believe this is as at each point in an individuals experience's and life, they are perceiving what may be considered to be a snippit of the physical world (and perhaps also themselves). This snippit is dependent on the position of their bodies in the physical world, the current time (which I believe may also determine their current position) and also themselves and their bodies (that is, for instance their own sensory abilities, mood etc.) and perhaps also many other matters.

Hence, a pixie may consider the event when the self does exist, that is perhaps before they brought into existence, and after they pass away. In these events, the passing of time is perhaps irrelevant to the individual. In many ways, to the individual, at any one point in time or location, what has taken place in the past has already taken place and when the event took place is merely a variable in order to determine how the current situation in time shall have manifested.

I feel this is perhaps similar to the future, when the individual has passed away. Assuming the individual may has no influence on the physical world (and perhaps assuming for the moment that they have no consciousness), what happens within the future may as well happen in an instant.

Therefore, as opposed to viewing time as moving, like a film or movie, in which what has happeneded has happened, perhaps a pixie may view time as a book in may respects. Also, the experiences that an individual encounters during their lifetime is merely a portion of the book and it is perhaps that they are reading the book.

Although, I am very sorry if I am being very silly and confusing. There are a number of complications. Firstly, this book may also be multi-dimensional, since an individuals at one point in time is not just experiencing one point in time but also one point in the physical world. Also, I think what is in this book is not actually that individual's own experiences. Their own experiences are a perception of what is taking place and therefore is not exactly what is taking place in the physical world. So an individual's own experiences may be placed within a separate one-dimensional book that is unique to any other (but of course what takes place in one book may affect what happens in another).

So, I believe I shall certainly attempt ot summarise as I am very sorry if I am very silly and confusing. Let us consider which books we now have. The first is the book of space and time. This tells the tale of the physical universe from his birth (or eternal existence) to his end (or infinite existence). The booky friend logs all events at all positions and all times, but only how they take place physically. Thus, I believe that what is inside this book could not be interpreted exactly as how it is written by any life form. For instance, it may log the event of my niece's Birthday, but not in any way that I could understand. This book is most possibly infinite. Even if the universe and time are not infinite, as time is continuous, the book may log infinitesimal points in time.

Next, there are lots and lots of other books. Each of these books logs the experiences of each individual who has ever experienced. I believe that each of these books would be separate as individuals and selves are separate. In many ways, if the book logs the events of one dimension, then I believe the consciousnesses of others to be dimensions as well. Now, in my own personal book, my neice's Birthday shall also be logged here, but very differently. Instead, this shall be my own perceptions of the event, including those physical ones and also my own "imaginary" ideas. For instance, music, or playing, tasting, these shall all be in my own personal book.

^^ I believe there may also be additional books, however I am very sorry s I am very silly as I cannot ponder any more as of the moment. There may also be others that I may not be aware of. Books that contain other universes or perhaps books that log matters that I cannot begin to understand.

^^ Phew, I do believe I have happily finished this little section. I am very sorry if I am very silly and very difficult to understand. Thank you very much indeedy for reading.


Saturday, 19 December 2009

Continuity of the Self

^^ Greetings everyone!

I am very sorry for my long absence as I have been very silly. I have had great difficult discovering any thoughts that I may write in a concrete manner. However, as of late, I have been considering the idea of the self a greater amount and found this very interesting indeed. Some happy thoughts for this are below.

Within the last post concerning this topic, we considered the consciousness. I became confused as I wondered if the self could remain constant over certain period of time. As I considered this, I have pondered more about the consciousness.

If we define the consciousness as as deicision maker part of the self (or at least, the decision maker part is a sub part of the consciousness) then we can see that the self does perhaps change constantly. I believe this because the "world" or "reality" or "perceptions" that the self experiences change constantly. And therefore, the decision maker is constantly coming across new decisions and, ultimately, this alters the consciousness due to these decisions being carried out. And, since the consciousness is a part of the self, the self too must change (although we could consider this to be a very small amount of change).

Because of this however, I wondered again, what is the self? This is changing constantly and so how could an individual be an individual if they are not the same individual after the smallest amount of time has passed.

Perhaps we consider a string that connects all of the experiences with one another and this is the true self, a soul. Perhaps this could encompass the entire eself as time changes from the instance the conciousness is created the instant the consciousness passes away (assuming this takes place - which I cannot ultimately know for certain).

But in this case, the consciousness is merely a machine that carries out actions and thinks based on the self. In many ways the self is a condition the includes all experiences and what not before a point and the consciousness acts based on this.

During one day, as I was walking within my happy University, I pondered this and wondered if the self could be modelled as a continuous mathematical function. Then, the problem of the self at one instant in time may be considered as a limit. (^^ I am very sorry if this is very silly of me).

Following this, I wondered, what could this function be dependent on? Well, if we suppose that there is only one time line, (and alsoassuming my constant consciousness theory), we could have the function as dependent only on time and genes (if it is possible to model genes in some way). This is because genes for an individual's (one that may be conscious)body are most possibly unique and therefore would include implicitly the starting position within the physical world of the individual. Then, the factor of time would determine the self at any on time. So if we were knew the gene pattern of the individual, we need only consider the time.

In many ways, I do very much believe this idea of a function as an analogy to how the self may be considered and I am very sorry if this is very silly of me.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Defining the Consciousness

^^ Good evening everyone *Blesses*,

I would perhaps initially wish to wish my Sister and Brother-in-Law happiness with their new human son.

Today, I do hope I may speak of the consciousness and self (or soul or Cartesian Mind etc.). Although I do believe that I have been using these little terms as I type, I am very sorry as I have not rather fully defined these terms. In many ways, these may be considered the part which makes the decisions for the individual in question, and receives sensory information. In many ways, this is the "driver" of the body.

^^ I do believe I have stated that I personally feel the self is rather seperate from the body, yet they are both connected and one may not survive without the other.

First, let us try to consider what the self is. Within a previous post, I have argued that all experiences in the past form the self (that is, when assuming my constant consciousness theory), and also an unknown element if we assume the constant consciousnes theory is incorrect. Considering the first part, we may then define that, in part the self is a collection of past experiences in the form of memories. The self may also include instincts.

Now, before we progress any further, we must initially analyse a particular problem. Because memories are a fundamental part of the self, and memories are constantly changing, so too must the self. Therefore, what is the self? What am I? I believe humans often consider individuals to be constant (at least in part). For example, I may be hungry at a time of 17.00, but I am currently eating a cheese sandwich. Therefore, I am not longer hungry at 17.10. We may therefore conclude that the individual is no longer the same individual ten minutes later, since an individual cannot be hungry and not hungry at the same time.

So, the consciousness has changed. And we can may keep narrowing the time difference until we reach on single point in time, in which time has been frozen. What is the consciousness then? Well, in many ways, at a frozen point in time, it is not a consciousness, since it cannot think or make decisions when frozen at one point in time. So, let us consider an extremely small point in time.

But, has the consciousness not changed during this time? I do believe it has, since it must have experienced something in this time and this may influence the thinking it has.

^^ I must say, I find this amazing.

We return to the question, what is the consciousness? It cannot be defined at any point in time, but it is constantly changing. It is a constantly changing entity. Yet, I (and many self aware individuals do so I believe) consider myself to be one. Is the consciousness an illusion? The memories that an individuals has, in many ways, are not their own, but stored within the brain and the consciousness obtains these memories from the brain along with sensory messages.

In many ways, I may visualise the consciousness as similar to an infinite sequence tending towards a limit. And each point in time is an element of the sequence.

^^ Phewy phewy, I am very sorry as I do believe I must stop for the moent as the pixies warn me that I may begin happily circling. I am very sorry if this has been silly of me. Your comments are very welcome and I do believe they would help me very much in thinking about this. Thank you very much.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Considering the Considerations

^^ Good evening everyone,

I must say that I have many thoughts that I would wish to speak of. However, when I sit at my happy computer and wish to write them, little pixies have taken them away. Alas, today I have remembered one such thought.

I believe this is very much exploring how to feel about exploring such matters. I do feel that exploring the metaphysical and questioning the foundations of what one has believed in the past may perhaps result in a human feeling upset.

For instance, considering what I have typed in the past, there appears to be large amount of suffering taking place. Yet, it seems that as long there exists life, there exists suffering in some form. We may consider great examples such as genocide (I believe an act very similar to this is widely accepted in human society - that is, the mass slaughter is individuals for "food"), famine and other such matters (I also include non-humans in this). Perhaps even if genocide was halted as such, there must still be some form of balance in place as there is limited space upon Earth, the Solar System and eventually the Universe.

Also, I believe we may consider even if complete peace is achieved. Peace is often considered as tranquil and still. Although, peace very much defines a lack of conflict and violece (if not, let us define it as such in this case). Peace also require a system to be in place to secure this peace.

Perhaps we may consider to western cultures. Stress and depression are often present for one example.

^^ So, I see this is very difficult to know how to feel. In many ways, it very much seems best to always try to be happy. To see happiness and good in your own little universe within your mind. To marvel at the wonders of what you may perceive. As I do believe that being upset and not taking action shall perhaps only cause more suffering, if only to yourself. Relieving some suffering is perhaps a much greater act than relieving no sufering also, although a complete removal of suffering may not seem possible.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

An Intention Fulfilled

^^ Greetings everyone, I hope you are well.

In this little post, I believe I very much wished to state that I have very much already typed the main beliefs that I bless me very strongly, and one such belief is that that all individuals are equal. Not just humans. Not just one particular type of human. All those that are conscious.

^^ However, I do certainly possess many more thoughts to speak of. I apologise greatly as I have not posted very frequently as of late, however I find great difficulty in ordering my thoughts and knowing which to type.

Therefore, I believe happy future posty pixies may be a little shorter than those previous and the content a little more scattered and wobbly. I may also attempt to clarify points within my previous posts that I feel my be a little fuzzy.

Thank you very much for reading.