Saturday, 23 January 2010

Time, the Physical World and Experiences as Books

^^ Greetings everyone,

I do hope you are all very well. As of late I do enjoy considering my experiences and the idea of myself. I may have explained in a happy previous post that I consider the consciousness and self somewhat seperate from the body, although very much attached as in in a symbiotic relationship. I believe a happy little analogy is that of a human controlling a space probe from a distant planet. The human very much relies on the little probe to inform him of the physical surroundings present upon the distant planet. I believe this is certainly how I view the relationship between the consciousness and the body, however I do believe also that the body provides additional matters such as feelings (perhaps with what are often considered as hormones or other friends) and other matters.

^^ Therefore, I have often been considering how an individual views the physical world and their own experiences and also how this may relate to time. Initially, I do believe I was very confused considering the idea of time as a fourth dimension, however I now believe this is a very happy analogy. I believe this is as at each point in an individuals experience's and life, they are perceiving what may be considered to be a snippit of the physical world (and perhaps also themselves). This snippit is dependent on the position of their bodies in the physical world, the current time (which I believe may also determine their current position) and also themselves and their bodies (that is, for instance their own sensory abilities, mood etc.) and perhaps also many other matters.

Hence, a pixie may consider the event when the self does exist, that is perhaps before they brought into existence, and after they pass away. In these events, the passing of time is perhaps irrelevant to the individual. In many ways, to the individual, at any one point in time or location, what has taken place in the past has already taken place and when the event took place is merely a variable in order to determine how the current situation in time shall have manifested.

I feel this is perhaps similar to the future, when the individual has passed away. Assuming the individual may has no influence on the physical world (and perhaps assuming for the moment that they have no consciousness), what happens within the future may as well happen in an instant.

Therefore, as opposed to viewing time as moving, like a film or movie, in which what has happeneded has happened, perhaps a pixie may view time as a book in may respects. Also, the experiences that an individual encounters during their lifetime is merely a portion of the book and it is perhaps that they are reading the book.

Although, I am very sorry if I am being very silly and confusing. There are a number of complications. Firstly, this book may also be multi-dimensional, since an individuals at one point in time is not just experiencing one point in time but also one point in the physical world. Also, I think what is in this book is not actually that individual's own experiences. Their own experiences are a perception of what is taking place and therefore is not exactly what is taking place in the physical world. So an individual's own experiences may be placed within a separate one-dimensional book that is unique to any other (but of course what takes place in one book may affect what happens in another).

So, I believe I shall certainly attempt ot summarise as I am very sorry if I am very silly and confusing. Let us consider which books we now have. The first is the book of space and time. This tells the tale of the physical universe from his birth (or eternal existence) to his end (or infinite existence). The booky friend logs all events at all positions and all times, but only how they take place physically. Thus, I believe that what is inside this book could not be interpreted exactly as how it is written by any life form. For instance, it may log the event of my niece's Birthday, but not in any way that I could understand. This book is most possibly infinite. Even if the universe and time are not infinite, as time is continuous, the book may log infinitesimal points in time.

Next, there are lots and lots of other books. Each of these books logs the experiences of each individual who has ever experienced. I believe that each of these books would be separate as individuals and selves are separate. In many ways, if the book logs the events of one dimension, then I believe the consciousnesses of others to be dimensions as well. Now, in my own personal book, my neice's Birthday shall also be logged here, but very differently. Instead, this shall be my own perceptions of the event, including those physical ones and also my own "imaginary" ideas. For instance, music, or playing, tasting, these shall all be in my own personal book.

^^ I believe there may also be additional books, however I am very sorry s I am very silly as I cannot ponder any more as of the moment. There may also be others that I may not be aware of. Books that contain other universes or perhaps books that log matters that I cannot begin to understand.

^^ Phew, I do believe I have happily finished this little section. I am very sorry if I am very silly and very difficult to understand. Thank you very much indeedy for reading.