Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beautiful Experiences

^^ Hello everyone,

I do hope that you are all very well. I am very sorry for my very long absence. I do hope this is alright that I write a little post this evening regarding a number of little thoughts who have visited as of late.

I must say I feel that I have enjoyed a very beautiful life. Although I may be considered as rather young as a human, I feel that my life thus far has been very long and filled with many wonderful experiences. Indeed, I believe that each day and moment is very beautiful and these shall in some sense live forever in that instance as time is subjective.

^^ Recently, I remember a lovely French lady with whom I met to discuss applying to the university at which she works. Further within the past, I remember my Grandfather, with whom I would very much enjoy discussing his past.

In addition, I also enjoy revisiting all of the lovely times that I have spent with Nell and Plato (my kitties) and my family and my friends (the latter of which includes the former two). This may include simply sitting within a room and reading or listening to the sounds of tree of life whilst within their company and sharing the beauty of our coexistence.

^^ I am very sorry if I have written a silly post. ^^ I believe this shall be very lovely if you wish to share some experiences below also.