Sunday, 7 February 2010


^^ Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. I must first state that I am indeed very sorry as I believe I do not possess very many philosophical thought friends this day. However, I feel very evil for not creating little posts very often and perhaps wondered if this may be alrighty if I create posts from other worlds. I do enjoy viewing films created by Hoomins (humans) and would very much enjoy speaking of these I believe. Additionally, I believe that typing my thoughts prevents my head from collapsing.

^^ I must say that I have happily recently visited a cinema to view the film named Avatar and believed this to be so very magical. My self was transported to this "reality" and when the film stopped I felt that I had woken from sleep, perhaps in a very similar manner to character Jake Sully as he awakens from his avatar. I believe I was so very amazed by the details of this happy world - the language of the Na'Vi, all individuals of differing species and so many others. I do believe that I enjoy many films however I perhaps believe the Avatar is now my favourite film.

After I viewed the film I read a small number of reviews. I do find reviews very interesting. I read a review that stated that the poor film was "flawed". I find such statements interesting as how may this hoomin decide what is perfect? ^^ At least the may perhaps state was is perfect within their own minds. After all, I am not them and they are not me.

In particular, I find the term "overrated" (or also underrated) very interesting as I do not believe there is defined standard for a rating of each film, only opinion. (^^This too is but my opinion of course).

^^ I apologise very much for my short entry friend today.