Monday, 12 October 2009

Considering the Considerations

^^ Good evening everyone,

I must say that I have many thoughts that I would wish to speak of. However, when I sit at my happy computer and wish to write them, little pixies have taken them away. Alas, today I have remembered one such thought.

I believe this is very much exploring how to feel about exploring such matters. I do feel that exploring the metaphysical and questioning the foundations of what one has believed in the past may perhaps result in a human feeling upset.

For instance, considering what I have typed in the past, there appears to be large amount of suffering taking place. Yet, it seems that as long there exists life, there exists suffering in some form. We may consider great examples such as genocide (I believe an act very similar to this is widely accepted in human society - that is, the mass slaughter is individuals for "food"), famine and other such matters (I also include non-humans in this). Perhaps even if genocide was halted as such, there must still be some form of balance in place as there is limited space upon Earth, the Solar System and eventually the Universe.

Also, I believe we may consider even if complete peace is achieved. Peace is often considered as tranquil and still. Although, peace very much defines a lack of conflict and violece (if not, let us define it as such in this case). Peace also require a system to be in place to secure this peace.

Perhaps we may consider to western cultures. Stress and depression are often present for one example.

^^ So, I see this is very difficult to know how to feel. In many ways, it very much seems best to always try to be happy. To see happiness and good in your own little universe within your mind. To marvel at the wonders of what you may perceive. As I do believe that being upset and not taking action shall perhaps only cause more suffering, if only to yourself. Relieving some suffering is perhaps a much greater act than relieving no sufering also, although a complete removal of suffering may not seem possible.

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