Thursday, 15 October 2009

Defining the Consciousness

^^ Good evening everyone *Blesses*,

I would perhaps initially wish to wish my Sister and Brother-in-Law happiness with their new human son.

Today, I do hope I may speak of the consciousness and self (or soul or Cartesian Mind etc.). Although I do believe that I have been using these little terms as I type, I am very sorry as I have not rather fully defined these terms. In many ways, these may be considered the part which makes the decisions for the individual in question, and receives sensory information. In many ways, this is the "driver" of the body.

^^ I do believe I have stated that I personally feel the self is rather seperate from the body, yet they are both connected and one may not survive without the other.

First, let us try to consider what the self is. Within a previous post, I have argued that all experiences in the past form the self (that is, when assuming my constant consciousness theory), and also an unknown element if we assume the constant consciousnes theory is incorrect. Considering the first part, we may then define that, in part the self is a collection of past experiences in the form of memories. The self may also include instincts.

Now, before we progress any further, we must initially analyse a particular problem. Because memories are a fundamental part of the self, and memories are constantly changing, so too must the self. Therefore, what is the self? What am I? I believe humans often consider individuals to be constant (at least in part). For example, I may be hungry at a time of 17.00, but I am currently eating a cheese sandwich. Therefore, I am not longer hungry at 17.10. We may therefore conclude that the individual is no longer the same individual ten minutes later, since an individual cannot be hungry and not hungry at the same time.

So, the consciousness has changed. And we can may keep narrowing the time difference until we reach on single point in time, in which time has been frozen. What is the consciousness then? Well, in many ways, at a frozen point in time, it is not a consciousness, since it cannot think or make decisions when frozen at one point in time. So, let us consider an extremely small point in time.

But, has the consciousness not changed during this time? I do believe it has, since it must have experienced something in this time and this may influence the thinking it has.

^^ I must say, I find this amazing.

We return to the question, what is the consciousness? It cannot be defined at any point in time, but it is constantly changing. It is a constantly changing entity. Yet, I (and many self aware individuals do so I believe) consider myself to be one. Is the consciousness an illusion? The memories that an individuals has, in many ways, are not their own, but stored within the brain and the consciousness obtains these memories from the brain along with sensory messages.

In many ways, I may visualise the consciousness as similar to an infinite sequence tending towards a limit. And each point in time is an element of the sequence.

^^ Phewy phewy, I am very sorry as I do believe I must stop for the moent as the pixies warn me that I may begin happily circling. I am very sorry if this has been silly of me. Your comments are very welcome and I do believe they would help me very much in thinking about this. Thank you very much.


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